Swimming pools

The Liberty composite air handling unit supplies fresh outdoor air to the swimming pool in order to create a comfortable indoor climate in the pool hall. Evaporated moisture and contamination are removed together with the extracted air. Not only the internal and external casing construction, but also the base frame is made of high-quality reinforced composite material. Corrosion caused by exposure to chlorine compounds? That’s definitely history with Liberty composite air handling units.


The corrosion free casing construction with specifically selected high quality internal components provide a sustainable solution for nearly any industrial ventilation system. Corrosion on the casing construction is absolutely impossible, all fasteners in stainless steel AISI 304/316 (internal/external). Standard casing construction suitable for application in corrosive environment; classified C5 according to ISO 12944-2.

Health care

Critical environments such as hospitals and medical facilities require the highest standards of hygiene and contamination prevention. The Liberty composite air handling units are the most hygienic, smooth and efficient air handling unit for healthcare facilities. If corrosion and contaminated air are not acceptable, the Liberty composite air handling units are the ideal solution.

School buildings

In classrooms and lecture halls fresh air is brought into the room through the air handling unit to create a pleasant climate. The humid and contaminated room air is removed with the return air flow. However the air handling unit usually is a good place to settle for bacteria. Not in the Liberty composite air handling units. Thanks to its smooth inner surface, bacteria have little chance to survive. Therefore the ideal solution for a better climate and therefore higher learning performance.