Liberty – Swimming pool

In indoor swimming pools fresh air is brought into the room through the air handling unit to create a pleasant climate. The humid and contaminated room air is removed with the return air flow. The Liberty fibre composite air handling units are the ideal solution for the very humid and aggressive air that is extracted in these conditions. Not only the inner and outer sides, but also the load-bearing frame are made from a high-quality reinforced composite. Because of this, corrosion by the action of chlorine compounds is definitely a thing of the past.

  • Air handling units in indoor or outdoor installation.
  • AHU’s in stacked or low construction.
  • Execution in 1 part, in multiple parts or in styles and panels.
  • AHU’s in cabled version and / or equipped with integrated control technology.
  • Coated components such as cross flow heat exchangers in plastic.
  • High efficiency fans and motors (IE 2 to IE4) or DC fans.
  • Various sophisticated heat recovery systems.

Liberty – Industry

For the food and petrochemical industries we have designed and produced specially tailored air handling units. The emphasis in the design is on hygiene, resistance and cleanability.

The composite cabinet wall construction with double panel seal is ideal for applications where high hygiene requirements are set. Corrosion to the composite cabinet wall construction is impossible. This makes the air handling unit suitable for use in a corrosive atmospheric environment with corrosion load category C5 (according to ISO 12944-2). The panels are completely closed and vapor-proof so that no moisture can penetrate the construction.

  • Perfectly flush inner- and outer wall casing construction (VDI 6022 guideline)
  • Long lasting double sealing on panels, doors and hatches (VDI 6022 guideline)
  • Lockable latches inserted in doors and hatches (VDI 3803 guideline).
  • Excellent mechanical and thermal casing characteristics according to EN 1886:
    – mechanical strength – class D1 (M)
    – casing air leakage – class L1 (M)
    – filter bypass leakage – class F9 (M)
    – thermal transmittance class T1 (M)
    – thermal bridging – class TB1 (M)
  • Minimal risk of surface condensation on casing construction (only in case of extremely high relative humidity). No moisture accumulation at unwanted locations (VDI 6022 guideline).